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Applicants are urged to submit their application and all required elements as early as possible. We recommend the complete file for international students be received at least 6 months prior to the anticipated start of your studies to allow the necessary time for the application with Immigration Canada.

– May 1 for the Fall Semester.
– September 1 for the Spring Semester.
– January 1 for the Summer Semester.

Yes. ACTS Seminaries is accredited with the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) for 17 years. Back in 1985, several Christian denominations began discussing how they could partner together to prepare visionary Christian leaders to meet the needs of our changing world. Out of these talks came the ACTS Seminaries consortium. To learn more about ACTS click here.

As a graduate school committed to excellence, ACTS Seminaries must maintain high admissions standards. Not only does this allow us to meet Association of Theological Schools accreditation standards, it also helps ensure that your ACTS degree carries strong credentials when you graduate. Normally an applicant must possess a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution in order to enter masters level programs.

There are options for applicants without an undergraduate degree?

1) An applicant with the equivalent of a bachelors degree from an unaccredited institution could be granted admission to the Master of Divinity (MDV) or Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS) on Academic Trial subject to academic review after the student has completed the first 15 semester hours. The probation would be removed if a minimal GPA of 2.5 were achieved. If this level were not achieved, then the student would be permitted to proceed to complete the Diploma in Christian Studies. If the student’s GPA at the end of the program was minimally 2.5, the student could petition for permission to re-enter the MDV or MACS program, but only those courses where the student achieved at least a B- could be transferred into the program.

2) An applicant with the equivalent of 4 years (120 credits/semester hours) of varied, post-secondary education completed within the last 10 years and at least 5 years of managerial or supervisory experience could be admitted to the diploma program on Academic Trial and would be evaluated after he or she completed the first 15 semester hours of study. If the student’s GPA exceeded a 2.5 GPA minimum, then the student could be recommended for admission to the MDV or MACS degrees. Course work completed during the diploma program could be transferred into the degree program where applicable.

3) An applicant with less than 4 but at least 2 years (60 credits/semester hours) equivalent post-secondary education and less than 5 years of managerial or supervisory experience could be admitted to the Diploma in Christian Studies program to achieve undergraduate equivalence with opportunity to apply to the MDV or MACS upon completion of the diploma (with minimally a 2.5 GPA). Course work earned toward the diploma program would not be transferable into the degree program. Alternately, the student could apply to a degree completion program at a recognized college or university. Upon completion of such a program the student could apply for admission to an ACTS masters program.

ACTS offers 2 diplomas, 6 masters degrees, and 2 advanced degrees. Click here to view our programs and degrees.

Yes. We have a few options:

1) We frequently have conferences and events. Costs vary depending on the event. To see what events are upcoming, click here.

2) We often have public lectures. These are authentic graduate level classes open and specifically designed for the public. They are free and a great way to demo the seminary experience. Click here to see upcoming lecture opportunities.

3) We offer the audit option so that you can take various courses for your own personal enrichment at a reduced cost. 

Yes. We offer our facilities to the public for various functions such as conferences. For pricing details or any other questions send us a message.

It varies depending on the level of the course. The higher the level the smaller the class size. On average there are 11 students in each class.

Students may seek to transfer graduate level credits from an accredited institution, so long as:

  • it is deemed equivalent to course work required in the chosen program
  • the grade received was a B or higher

For more information on transfers, click here.

Yes. We offer programs on a part-time basis. Click here for more details.

Very close. We cooperate extensively sharing library resources, campus resources, various campus facilities, and faculty. Students graduating from ACTS jointly graduate from Trinity Western University.

The benefits of this arrangement are easy to see. ACTS students have access to a broader range of programs, supported by a richer pool of resources, than any one of the member institutions could offer independently. For more information click.

Questions Concerning International Students

Qualified international students can be admitted on the same basis as other students. However, international students should take note of the following information.

Canadian Immigration authorities may only grant a student visa to an international student if he or she has been accepted by a seminary into a specific program. Further information may be acquired from the Canadian Immigration website, the regional Canadian Consulate in your home country or by writing to the Canadian Bureau of International Education, #408-151 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1P 5H3.

A letter of acceptance may not be sent by a seminary until the applicant has provided evidence of sufficient funds to support him or herself during the first full year of resident studies. In addition, all international students must be fully covered by medical insurance. Insurance coverage is available upon arrival in British Columbia. For more information check out the MSP website. Certification of medical insurance must be produced at registration by USA students.

All landed immigrants in Canada seeking to enter the United States as non-immigrants must possess a valid passport and non-immigrant visa in order to enter. Please consult Citizenship and Immigration Canada for the most current policies.


Trinity Western University has a housing website that you can access to see what’s available in the community. There may be very limited housing available on the campus for graduate students. The website will give you all the information you need, including a person to contact, so you can begin your search.


International students at ACTS have the freedom to work off-campus in practicums or internships that are a requirement of their academic program. Off campus employment is not available to international students in a Theological degree program, such as the ones offered through ACTS. Please consult the Immigration Canada website for full information and regulations governing all off campus work for International students.

All students are required to have medical insurance. Non-Canadian students living in Canada to attend school must enroll with BC Medical Services Plan. Because of the 90 day waiting period, interim medical insurance is available for non-Canadian students. American students, living in the US and commuting for classes, must have medical insurance that extends to their travels to and from Canada.

When you come to the school, you will be given an opportunity to get medical health coverage under BC Medical. Please check out the TWU Wellness Centre for more information. The Health and Wellness Center is located in the Douglas Centre Building. A map of the campus is available here.

The Writing Centre is available to help students with their writing skills and assignments. This is a good place to come when you need help on the many papers you have to write at ACTS. The Writing Centre is located in the Douglas Centre Building. (Same building as the Wellness Centre).

Students who study at ACTS are required to have sufficient English abilities for all academic programs. These abilities include reading, writing, speaking and listening in English. Students for whom English is a second language must provide an English Proficiency Score before they can begin study in their chosen program. The minimum score requirements followed by ACTS are based on the Internet Based Test (IBT) administered by Educational Testing Services located here.

The following minimum scores (based on the IBT) are required:

  • 100 Total Score for MAMFT, Dmin, MTS/MTH, and MLE programs.
  • 85 Total Score for MACS and MDIV, but students who score below 90 will receive mandatory ESL assistance.

Students who want to submit their score using IBT, should use the Trinity Western University code 0876 in order for your score to be forwarded to our application.

Students for whom additional learning in English skills is required, are encouraged to inquire with the ESLI program (English as a Second Language Institute) on the TWU campus.

Policies related to cost for children of international students studying at ACTS Seminaries to enroll in a local public school varies with each school district. ACTS students generally live in one of the following regions and should consult the school district offices for information.

Langley School District

Surrey School District

Abbotsford School District

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