Since we want to provide the best service to our students, and we realize that some syllabi may not be available immediately when students are making decisions as to which classes they will take in upcoming semester, we offer archived syllabi. Students can see what the course has been like in the past and by doing so, they can glean a sense of how much course work and what subjects to expect. We hope this helps in the absence of a current syllabus.


SPRING 2014 SUMMER 2014 FALL 2014
bie 505a-rapske  bie 500a-love  bie 500a-rapske
bie 600a-perkins  bie 505a-hiebert  bie 505a-rapske
bie 610a-hiebert  bie 612a-love  bie 552a-rapske
bie 610b-hiebert  bie 735a-rapske  bie 603a-hiebert
bie 613a-hiebert  bil 500a-pelitsa  bie 614a-hiebert
bie 616a-perkins  cap 650a-chamberlain  bie 614b-hiebert
bie 640a-hiebert  chp 691a-woodland  bie 640a-hiebert
bie 704a-rapske  clg 525a-phillips  bie 712a-perkins
bie 704b-rapske  cld 591a-wollf/taylor  bie 714b-perkins
bil 501a-andersen  cpl 601a-worely  bil 500a-pelitsa
chp 630a-cuff  dmn 915a-scorgie  bil 502a-perkins
chp 700a-woodland  his 691a-wilkinson  cap 550a-chamberlain
cld 510a-busby  lin 583a-trick  cap 652OL-chamberlain
cld 532a-lucas  lin 585a-trick  ccm 661a-pepper
cld 535a-lau/wollf  mft 616a-auxier  chp 631a-woodland
cld 591a-lau/wollf  mft 682a-strijack  cld 510a-wollf
his 541a-guenther  mft 691a-braun-kauffman  cld 533a-wollf
his 608a-wilkinson  mft 691b-ngai  dmn 905a-busby/badke
his 610a-netterfield  mft 580-4b-boldut  dmn 910a-cannell
chm 508a-wollf  pth 575a-cunningham  his 540a-guenther
chm 508b-wollf  pth 616a-auxier  lin 555a-nicolle
cap 501a-chamberlain  pth 621a-wollf/taylor  lin 560a-allison
cap 560a-chamberlain  pth 591a-worely  lin 570a-ma
cap 889a-radant  pth 660a-ngai  lin 571a-cunningham
ccm 550a-wollf  res 500OL-badke  lin 576a-casali
ccm 550b-wollf  ths 540a-cooper  lin 581a-mcwilliams
ccm 660a-wollf/lau  ths 571a-cooper  lin 583OL-trick
dmn 916a-shoemaker  ths 680a-pepper  lin 584a-labrecque
lin 585a-trick  ths 691a-wilkinson  lin 588a-labrecque
mft 580a-schultz  lin 680a-allison
mft 590a-braun-kauffman  mft 552a-ngai
mft 590b-boldut  mft 553a-verseveld
mft 660a-ngai  mft 582a-andersen
mft 661a-auxier  mft 630a-ngai
mft 670a-ngai  mft 664a-verseveldt
pth 511a-ngai  mft 675-auxier
pth 592DS-Lucas  mft 691-4a-boldut
pth 600a-dyck  mts 803a-rapske
pth 613a-wollf  mth 890a-rapske
pth 613b-wollf  pth 510a-ngai
pth 762a-anderson  pth 603a-anderson
res 095a-mcAuley  pth 605a-auxier
res 500-badke  pth 630a-lucas
ths 540a-cooper  res 095a-mcauley
ths 571a-spencer  res 500a-badke
ths 648a-auxier  res 500b OL-badke
ths 672a-spencer  ths 571a-spencer
ths 691a-cooper  ths 671a-spencer
 ths 742a-spencer


SPRING 2013 SUMMER 2013 FALL 2013
BIE 505 OL-Rapske  BIE 500-Tuppurainen BIE 500 OL-Rapske
BIE 600-Perkins  BIE 505-Rapske BIE 505A-Rapske
BIE 610 A-Hiebert  BIE 646-Perkins BIE 552A-Rapske
BIE 610 B-Hiebert  BIE 771 A-Mittelstadt / THS 620 BIE 640A-Perkins
BIE 613 Hiebert  BIE 771 B-Mittelstadt BIE 714A-Perkins
BIE 640 Hiebert  BIL 500-Petlitsa BIE 714B-Perkins
BIE 706 A-B-Rapske  BIL 501-Petlitsa BIL 500A-Petlitsa
BIE 712-Perkins  BIL 504-Bowling BIL 502A-Perkins
BIE/THS 691-Stuckey  BIL 505-Bowling BIL 504A-Abegg
BIL 501-Petlitsa  CHP 540-Woodland / PTH 540 BIL 603A-Peters
BIL 503-Andersen  CHP 631-Woodland CAP 550A-Chamberlain
CAP 602-Chamberlain  HIS 692 / THS 692 A-Tomita CAP 600A-Chamberlain
CCM 661-Motz  CPL 601-Worely / PTH 591 CCM612A-Pepper
CHM 500 OL-Busby  CAP 603- Chamberlain CHM 501A-Busby
CHM 651-Busby  CLG 525-Phillips CHP650A-Woodland
CLD 534 A-B-Wollf  DMN 912-Anderson CLD 510A-Wollf
HIS 541-Cooper  LIN 560-Aubrey CLD 510B-Wollf
HIS 610-Netterfield  LIN 566-Lebold CLD 531A-Wollf
HIS 745-Wilkinson  LIN 575-Petersen DMN 905A-Busby
LIN 571-Cunningham  LIN 581-McWilliams DMN 913-Wollf
LIN 574-Davies  LIN 583-Trick HIS 540A-Guenther
LIN 581-Pelkey  LIN 584-Davies HIS 604A-Guenther
LIN 584-Davies  LIN 585-Trick LIN 555A-Pelkey
LIN 586-Casali  MFT 616 A-Auxier / PTH 616 LIN 560A
LIN 599-Pelkey  MFT 616 B-Auxier LIN 570A-Ma
MFT 580-Schultz  MFT 683-Phillips LIN 576A-Kuwitzky
MFT 590-Braun-Kauffman  MFT 691-Boldut LIN 580A-Hayashi
CHP 691-Woodland RES 500 OL-Badke LIN 581A-Pelkey
CHP 700-Woodland THS 540 OL-Spencer LIN 582A-Davies
CLD 535-Cooper-Lau THS 571-Cooper LIN 583A OL-Trick
DMN 920-Lucas THS 631-Love LIN 584A
FSC 501 K-Hollaar THS 680-Pepper LIN 680A-Allison
FSC 615 K-Park THS 691-Yong LIN 691A-Shadd
LIN 585-Trick MFT 552A-Ngai
LIN 650-Casali MFT 553A-Verseveldt
LIN 660-Allison MFT 630A-Ngai
LIN 688-Snider MFT 664A-Verseveldt
LIN 691-Shadd MFT 675 DS-Auxier
MFT 660-Verseveldt MFT 691-4A-Brauan-Kauffman
MFT 691-4-Boldut MFT 691-4B-Boldut
MFT 691-4-Braun-Kauffman MFT 691-4C-Tsang
MTS/MTH 889-Radant MTS 803/MTH 890-Rapske
PTH 511-Boldut PTH 510A-Ngai
PTH 600-Wollf PTH 603A-Anderson
RES 500 OL-Badke PTH 605A-Auxier
RES OL K-Badke RES 500A-Badke
THS 540 OL-Spencer RES 500B OL-Badke
THS 571-Spencer THS 671A-Cooper
THS 571 K-Spencer THS 680A-Wilkinson
THS 602-Chamberlain
THS 648-Auxier
THS 672-Spencer
THS 680-Guenther
THS 692-Cooper
THS 743-Pepper
CAP 560-Chamberlain
CCM 643-Pepper
CLD 510 A-B-Wollf
CHP 640-Woodland


SPRING 2012 SUMMER 2012 FALL 2012
BIE 552-Rapske BIE 500 OL-Wessner BIE 500-Schrag
BIE 600-Perkins BIE 505-Rapske BIE 500 AB-Stuckey
BIE 613-Hiebert BIE 549-Perkins BIE 505-Hiebert
BIE 640-Hiebert BIE 549 B-Perkins BIE 552-Rapske
BIE 673-Hiebert BIE 611-Hiebert BIE 603-Hiebert
BIE 674-Hiebert BIE 612-Hiebert BIE 614-Hiebert
BIE 691/HIS 691-Rapske BIE 691-Hiebert BIE 640 DS-Hiebert
BIE 713-Perkins BIE 738 OL-Tolppanen BIE 703-Rapske
BIE 714-Perkins BIE 738 B OL-Tolppanen BIL 500 Petlitsa
BIL 501-Petlitsa BIL 500-Petlitsa BIL 502-Perkins
CAP 560 OL-Chamberlain BIL 504-Bowling CAP 550-Chamberlain
CAP 651/THS 602-Chamberlain BIL 505-Bowling CAP 650-Chamberlain
CCM 643/THS 742-Pepper CAP 652-Chamberlain CCM 596/HIS 692-Anderson
CCM 661-Motz CAP 652 AB-Chamberlain (Journey) CHM 595-Wollf
CHP 540/PTH 540-Woodland CCM 575/PTH 575-Cunningham CHM 595 AB-Wollf
CHP 700-Woodland CCM 666-Owusu CHP 630-Cuff
CLD 510-Busby CHM 596-Schrag CHP 691-Woodland
CLD 532-Wollf CHP 650-Woodland CLD 510-Wollf
CLD 535-Cooper CPL 601/PTH 591-Worley CLD 533-Lucas
CPL 603-Toews DMM 910-Cooper CLD  533 AB-Lucas
DMN 913-Wollf HIS 691/CCM591-Wilkinson/Anderson DMN 905-Busby
HIS 541-Cooper LIN 560-Aubrey DMN 914-Perkins/Schrag
LIN 571-Cunningham LIN 566-Lebold HIS 540-Guenther
LIN 574-Davies LIN 575-Peterson LIN 555-Pelkey
LIN 581-Pelkey LIN 581-McWilliams LIN 560-Allison
LIN 582-Davies LIN 583 OL-Trick LIN 570-Ma
LIN 583-Jeffery LIN 584 Dumitra LIN 576-Casali
LIN 585-Trick LIN 585-Trick LIN 580-Hayashi
LIN 586-Casali LIN 585 G-Trick LIN 581-Pelkey
LIN 587-Hayashi LIN 680-Phillips LIN 583 OL-Trick
LIN 599-Pelkey MFT 674-Versveldt LIN 584-Walker
LIN 650-Casali MFT 691-4 A-Verseveldt LIN 680- Casali
LIN 660-Merliatt MFT 691-4 B-Verseveldt LIN 691-Shadd
LIN 688-Snider MFT 525/CLG 525-Phillips MFT 552-Prediger
LIN 691-Shadd PTH 660-Thiessen MFT 553-Verseveldt
MCS 810-Anderson RES 500 OL-Badke MFT 582-Andersen
MFT 580-Schultz THS 540 OL-Stuckey MFT 661-Auxier
MFT 590-Thiessen THS 540 AB OL-Stuckey (Journey) MFT 664-Verseveldt
MFT 590 B-Verseveldt THS 571-Cooper MFT 691-4 A-Braun-Kauffman
MFT 630-Thiessen THS 680-Pepper MFT 691-4 B-Boldut
MFT 660-Verseveldt MFT 691-4 C-Verseveldt/Tsang
MFT 670-Verseveldt MTS 803-Rapske
MFT 691-4-Thiessen PTH 510-Boldut
PTH 511-Thiessen PTH 603-Anderson
PTH 600-Wollf PTH 605-Auxier
PTH 630-Lucas PTH 613/CCM 550-Wollf
PTH 762-Anderson RES 500-Badke
RES 500 OL-Badke RES 500 OL-Badke
THS 540-Spencer THS 571 OL-Spencer
THS 571-Spencer THS 671-Spencer
THS 672-Spencer THS 691-Spencer
THS 680-Guenther THS 742-Spencer