CHM | church ministries

The role of course work in Church Ministries is to develop understanding of and appreciation for the educational ministry of the church along with the practical skills required for effective leadership of educational ministries to children, youth, and adults.

CHM 500 – The Learning Church (3 Credits)

The student will survey the entire learning ministry of the local church including worship, teaching, community life and service; all with age specific needs in mind. This course will enable the student to initiate a personal philosophy and practice of church ministry.

CHM 501 – Principles and Practices of Teaching (3 Credits)

Reflecting upon the theological, historical and practical dimensions of teaching/learning, the student will develop an appreciation for how people learn to become disciples of Christ. The student will also develop a basic foundation of learning principles and practice using them in a ministry setting. (This course is required for all students in the MACS-CHM, but is also recommended for others who desire to teach in and for the church.)

CHM 508 – Small Groups in the Church (3 Credits)

This course focuses upon leading a vibrant small group ministry. The student will embrace a theology of the church community and an appreciation for the longstanding historic role of small groups within the church. In addition, the student will acquire contemporary insights related to small group dynamics and the organization of a small group ministry within the church

CHM 595 – Special Topic (Church Ministry) (3 Credits)

This course gives the student an opportunity to focus in a specialized area of Church Ministry. It will help students to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the field, challenge them to do in-depth critical research of current issues and concepts, and promote growth in skills that are relevant to ministry in this field.

CHM 631 – Child and Adolescent Spiritual Growth (3 Credits)

The student will understand and value the formative spiritual years of children and adolescents. The student will develop a personal, biblical model for teaching and leading a selected group of either children or teenagers, based upon on a growing understanding of their learning characteristics and needs.

CHM 641 – Youth Ministry Development (2 Credits)

A study of the way in which the needs of the adolescent (grades seven through twelve) are met within the church context. Developmental characteristics and behaviour patterns will be explored. Principles and practices of teaching the adolescent will be considered in more depth.

CHM 651 – Adult Development and Spiritual Growth (2 Credits)

The student will survey the theory and practice of teaching and equipping various adult age groups that are necessary to move towards spiritual maturity. The student will discern needs among emerging adults, middle age, seniors and singles. The student will develop a personal, biblical model for teaching and leading adults of all ages.

CHM 661 – Family Ministry (2 Credits)

A study of the way in which the needs of the family are met within the church or other family work setting contexts. The student will study a biblical, philosophical, theoretical, strategically, administrative and research approach in understanding and addressing these needs.