CPL | church planting leadership

Effective leadership for ministry requires that leaders understand their own gifts, skills and leadership style, possess the capacity to train and motivate individuals and teams, and know how to organize, plan for, and implement programs designed to achieve major objectives.

CPL 601 – Church Planting Foundations (3 Credits)

In this course, students will be introduced to biblical principles, best practices, latest research, and current models of church planting through readings, discussion, lectures and church planting development assignments. Major issues a church planter faces in the first years of starting a new church will be addressed. The course covers church planting principles across the evangelical denominational spectrum.

CPL 602 – Church Planting Leadership (3 Credits)

The role of community exegesis and demographic research in effective church planting, with a view to matching the church plant and planter to its community is explored. It surveys the various contextual issues which give rise to a variety of church planting models in the Canadian and global contexts (i.e., classic “daughtering,” satellite, house churches), and considers the variance in models which occur when church planting takes place within ethnic settings in Canada. The course examines the ways a church plant develops missional leaders and structures in response to local contexts, and investigates proven means of developing a small core of believers into a fully developed church, itself capable of planting new churches.

CPL 603 – Church Planter Assessment (2 Credits)

This course is designed to enable an individual to see the areas that qualify, disqualify, or conditionally qualify them as a potential church planter. Done under the supervision of the Canadian Assessment Coordinating Team (CACT), this assessment forms part of the process of identifying potential planters and clarifying areas of strength and weakness for them. Prerequisite: Denominational Endorsement.

CPL 604 – Church Planting Strategies (2 Credits)

An exercise in graduate-level reflection and integration built around the Church Planting Summit (Boot Camp), a ministry of the BC Church Planting Catalyzers group. The Summit involves a 30-hour process that leads church planters and key lay leaders to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for their proposed plant. This strategic plan includes vision, target group, evangelism, core group development, financial plan, preparation for the launch day, worship, small group ministry, a track for recruiting, equipping and empowering leaders, an overall time-line, and lay mobilization. Prerequisite: denominational endorsement and CPL 603