Program Templates

The course requirements for every ACTS degree and diploma program are summarized in program templates. Below are two ways of viewing the program templates: (1) as a PDF; and (2) as an editable excel file.

Excel File Program Templates

If you have spreadsheet software (e.g. Microsoft Excel) and you’re comfortable using it, you can download these “active” versions of the program templates. This is useful to you for the following reasons:

  • If your program has specialization options, you can compare the “generic” program and various specializations easily in a side-by-side format.
  • The course slots are all “fillable,” so you can insert courses you plan to take and those you’ve taken, giving you a convenient personalized program summary.
  • The “credits completed” section calculates automatically, showing how many hours you have achieved toward the program and how many are still needed, overall and in each area.
  • These templates include a tool for program completion planning, allowing you to map out course loads over multiple upcoming semesters.

The active template spreadsheets include a blank page and also a sample page with instructions and sample data.

Please note: though faculty and program chairs regularly use the active template sheets to help with student academic advising, these sheets are planning tools, not official transcripts. It is the user’s responsibility (whether student or faculty) to make sure the personal information on these program templates is updated and that it matches the official student records in the TWU registration database.