DMN | doctor of ministry studies

DMN 900 – Research Methodologies (1 Credits)

The student will discern and learn new research strategies and methods, with particular reference to using new tools available through the internet.

DMN 901 – Dissertation Seminar (1 Credits)

An exploration of methods for isolating the research topic and principles for writing an effective project proposal. The course also includes advice on the writing process.

DMN 905 – Learning through Ministry Practice (3 Credits)

This course connects DMin students with a ministry cohort, launching the peer learning process within the program. It introduces online learning technologies used in the program, and facilitates completion of a major portion of the research methodologies module. It offers an introduction to the opening courses in the program and an in-depth overview of the program as a whole. It also provides tools and strategies to help program participants cope with the stresses and pressures of the DMin program, and to maximize the benefit of their ministry setting as a context for research.

DMN 910 – Revitalizing the Church (3 Credits)

An exploration of recent developments in the Canadian church (and general North American context) and of ministry leadership practices, evaluating these over against a biblical framework.

DMN 911 – Spiritual Formation & Discipling (3 Credits)

A study of patterns of spirituality that enhance and nurture a personal and vocational relationship with Jesus Christ. The role of the Spirit in this process will be considered, as well as the corporate nature of such spirituality. Understanding the life of the soul will be explored in the light of concrete practices of spiritual formation. The student evaluates personal patterns of spirituality and, as helpful, redesigns this paradigm.

DMN 913 – Person & Work of the Ministry Leader (3 Credits)

A study of personal issues that influence ministry leadership – ethics, attitudes, gender, family, etc. Ministry leadership theory is integrated with personal development and staff team development. The course includes reflection on cultural influences (eg post-modernism) and social settings (eg rural, urban, multi-faith) that impact leadership models, personal expectations, and interpersonal relations.

DMN 914 – Leadership in the New Testament (3 Credits)

An exploration of issues in New Testament theology that impact church ministry in the 21st century, in particular the use and application of the ordinances in personal and congregational spiritual formation and New Testament guidance for developing appropriate church governance models. The class will consider how to preach texts that address these issues and enable congregations to grasp them effectively.

DMN 915 – Theology & History of Spiritual Formation (3 Credits)

A critical, biblical examination of the diverse ways spirituality is defined within the Christian tradition and how these variations have influenced contemporary evangelical spirituality. Issues of vocation, family, and community will provide a focus for defining contemporary biblical spirituality. The influence of issues in contemporary theology, and the place and role of theology in personal and community formation are explored. The course aims to help the student define a model for living out biblically the relationship between Christianity and Culture.

DMN 916 – Leadership in the Old Testament (3 Credits)

An examination of selected issues in Old Testament theology that impact contemporary church ministry. The class explores new ways to preach texts under discussion, reclaiming the story and the text’s authority. It considers Old Testament guidance for ministry leaders – spiritual resources, leadership principles, and ministry models.

DMN 920 – Developing a Healthy Church (3 Credits)

The course seeks to define a healthy church in various contexts, and to assist the student in leading a church to increased health. It explores aspects of planning in anticipation of future developments, and determining to stay as leader in order to implement the plan. It examines the relationship between healthy leaders and healthy churches, with the importance of continued vocational growth and development.

DMN 921 – 21st Century Ministry Leadership (3 Credits)

An evaluation of recent developments in ministry leadership theory in the context of current ministry patterns. The influence of context on such leadership ideas/models is considered, including multi-cultural influences, personal expectations, volunteerism, governance, and church size. The process of leading change with integrity and positive, healthy outcomes is explored, with specific reference to discerning the right time to plant a new congregation.

DMN 922 – Preaching & Spiritual Formation (3 Credits)

Disciplines to enhance personal spiritual development are explored and experienced. The connection between preaching and spiritual formation is considered, as leaders encourage people to practice their relationship with Jesus Christ personally and corporately.

DMN 931 – Special Topic (Doctor of Ministry) (3 Credits)

This course gives the D.Min. student an opportunity to do focused study in a specialized area of Leadership and Spiritual Formation in conjunction with his/her doctoral program. It will help students to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the field, challenge them to do in-depth critical research of current issues and concepts, and promote growth in skills that are relevant to ministry in this field.