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Master of Arts in Christian Studies

ACTS Seminaries offers a Master of Arts in Christian Studies to develop strong and well-educated Christian leaders who will be prepared to effectively serve in ministry and confidently disciple others in their Christian faith.

The MACS degree develops godly leaders with a foundational education in biblical and theological studies. Graduates are confident in their knowledge of Scripture and their ability to effectively communicate it to others.

Great foundational education

Flexible delivery options – Complete the degree full-time or part-time through in-class day or evening courses, online and/or one-week modular courses.

Nine Specializations to choose from

Financial aid and grants available

Graduates are prepared to make a difference leading in the following settings:

Adult, Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministry
Professional Para-Church Organizations
Religious Education
Cross Cultural Missions
Church Planting
Church Administration & Management

Specializations are available in the following areas:

Chaplaincy / Pastoral care
Children’s Ministry
Cross-Cultural Ministry and Missions
Church Ministries
Church History
Biblical Studies
Theological Studies

  My MACS degree at ACTS was very beneficial for my work as a young adults pastor. ACTS equipped me to be a better resource for young people as they brought me their struggles with the Bible and Christianity. I look forward to furthering my studies with ACTS in the future. 

– Andrew Evans,
Director of Youth Leadership & Church Ministries, Summit Pacific College


An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution or its equivalent is required with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.

Individuals may be admitted any time of the year by completing the necessary application forms.

The One Year Diploma in Christian Studies may be completed first before moving into the MACS degree. The Diploma must be surrendered if the credits are moved into the MACS.

Students, for whom English is a second language, must attain a TOEFL score of 85, but those who score below 90 will be required to receive ESL assistance. 

A student may request up to 21 semester hours of transfer credit for appropriate graduate course work taken at another accredited institution. A grade of B- is required for any transfer of credits. A maximum of 9 semester hours of ACTS directed study courses may be used to fulfill degree requirements.

All prerequisites stated in any course description will also need to be taken.

Completion of 53 semester hours of study.

Minimum GPA of 2.5.

Completion of at least 30 semester hours of courses through ACTS, including the MACS Grad Essay MCS 810.

Full payment of all financial obligations at ACTS.

Evidence of consistent Christian character, conduct, and biblical faith and recommendation accordingly by the faculty.

Northwest Baptist Seminary offers a Korean Global Leadership studies option within the ACTS MACS that provides vocational ministry leadership training in the Korean language. Details can be found on the Northwest Baptist Seminary website.

When applying, click the “Academics” tab, then under “Program of Interest,” choose “MACS Korean Global Leadership.”

Program Requirements:


Program Requirements

Master of Arts in Christian Studies (MACS)

MACS General
MACS Apologetics
MACS Chaplaincy
MACS Intercultural Studies

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