master of divinity

Master of Divinity

ACTS Seminaries offers a Master of Divinity to fill the growing need for energetic and strong Christian leaders to minister, educate, and lead our communities of Christian believers.

The centerpiece to our MDIV program is its focus on Christian leadership development (CLD). Graduates are equipped with the essential skills necessary for leading thriving ministries. ACTS prepares students with the spiritual maturity and practical ministry competencies required to lead a vibrant and healthy Christian community.

Focused on Christian Leadership Development

Focused on practical and relevant ministry skills

Customizable for specific denominational needs

Program design is informed by current ministry leaders

Financial Aid and Grants Available

Graduates are prepared to make a difference leading in the following settings:

Lead Pastoral Ministry
Adult, Children, Youth, and Young Adult Ministry
Professional Para-Church Organizations
Religious Education
Recovery Ministries
Church Planting
Church Administration & Management

Specializations are available in the following areas:

Chaplaincy / Pastoral care
Children’s Ministry
Cross-Cultural Ministry and Missions
Church Ministries
Church History
Biblical Studies
Theological Studies

  The training I received through the MDIV program has equipped me to face ministry challenges with confidence. ACTS holistic approach to ministry has prepared me not only to preach, counsel and lead in a world skeptical of faith, but it has enriched my soul with the Gospel. 

– Keith Whitaker,
Young Adults Pastor, North Shore Alliance Church


A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or Bible college. A pre-seminary undergraduate program with at least two semesters of Greek language instruction is the most desirable preparation.

Minimum 2.5 GPA. Individuals who have a degree from an unaccredited institution with a minimum of 2.5 GPA are encouraged to apply. In such cases, they will be admitted on academic probation for an initial 15 credit hours of seminary study. An academic review will be conducted at that point and a decision made regarding final admission.

Evidence of biblical conversion, a commitment to obedient discipleship, and awareness of God’s call to pastoral or church-related ministry.

Individuals who have accumulated the equivalent of 4 years of post-secondary education, completed within the fifteen years prior to admission, have 5 years of work experience, preferably in some sort of supervisory role, and show potential for pastoral ministry, may apply to the Diploma in Christian Studies. After completing 15 sem hrs of graduate studies with a 2.5 GPA, the student may apply for admission to the MDiv degree. Credits completed in the Diploma are applicable to the MDiv program.

Non-degree: According to ATS criteria, up to 10% of the annual enrollment in the MDiv can be comprised of individuals who do not have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. To be considered for admission under this category, individuals must:

  • Minimally have two years of post-secondary education (i.e. four semesters of full time study);
  • Some years of work experience, preferably in some sort of leadership role;
  • Evidence of life experience which has prepared them for graduate theological education.

Such individuals will first complete the Diploma in Christian Studies or a recognized degree completion program. Upon successful completion of either program, achieving minimally a 2.5 GPA, the student will be considered for admission to the MDiv program.

Students, for whom English is a second language, must attain a TOEFL score of 85, but those who score below 90 will be required to receive ESL assistance.

Students with undergraduate majors in Bible, Theology or Religious Studies from accredited universities or Bible Colleges may apply for Advanced Standing with Credit towards the ACTS MDiv degree.
A typical student who meets the criteria may receive 1 semester of graduate credit (9-12 sem hrs).
An exceptionally well-prepared individual may receive up to 14 sem hrs of credit, reducing their program length to as low as 75 sem hrs.

Applications for Advanced Standing with Credit are made through the Registrar’s office and evaluated by the MDiv program committee. Prospective students are encouraged to apply as part of their initial application to the MDiv program. Approved Advanced Standing with Credit courses will appear on academic transcripts with a “P” (for “pass”) mark.

Advanced Standing with Credit is granted where it can be demonstrated that a student has broad competence in the subject area as a result of undergraduate training, with substantial content overlap between courses already taken and the proposed graduate course. Applicants must demonstrate that they meet these criteria by submitting appropriate documentation to the ACTS Registrar, who will forward documents to the MDiv committee for evaluation.

Guidelines and application forms for Advanced Standing with Credit may be obtained from the ACTS Registrar’s office or from the MDiv Program Chair.

Candidacy is approved by the MDiv committee based on evaluations gathered from the student’s faculty and pastoral mentors, as well as from a professor of the student’s choice. Every attempt will be made to communicate clearly with the student throughout this process.

Candidacy takes place during the student’s first year and second semester of CLD. A grade will not be recorded for this course until a determination of candidacy is complete. Failure to achieve candidacy may mean that the student will be advised to do remedial work, consider a change of program, or a redirection of the student’s academic priorities. Candidacy requires a minimum B grade for her or his first two CLD courses.

The graduation requirements for the Master of Divinity degree include:
Minimum GPA of 2.50;
Completion of all course and internship requirements (89 semester hours);
Completion of at least 45 semester hours of study at ACTS towards completion of the MDV;
Evidence of consistent Christian character, conduct, and biblical faith and recommendation accordingly by the faculty.
Students may apply up to 15 semester hours of credits earned through directed studies to the MDiv degree.
All MDiv students are required to complete the Assessing Ministry Formation (AMF) Survey, which:

  • Provides students with an objective reflective tool for tracking his/her progress in ministry formation.
  • Provides valuable feedback to help the MDiv program improve curriculum and evaluate ACTS effectiveness in serving program outcomes.

We encourage you to print a copy of your survey as you fill it out for personal reflection on your educational progress and encouragement. The results will be used by the M.Div. committee to assist you in your studies, and to tell us what is working and what needs improvement in the program.

The AMF Survey looks at 12 areas of pastoral formation which we have targeted to be desired outcomes for MDiv graduates. We hope this exercise will assist you in being a self-directed student and encourage your growth in Christ and in leading His people.

The AMF survey should be taken 3 times:

  1. First Time (at the beginning of program, as a RES 500 requirement)
  2. Second Time (at completion of program, as Graduation requirement)
  3. Third Time (1 year or more after graduation)

Program Requirements

Master of Divinity (MDIV)

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