RES | research studies

Informational research skills are essential to achievement in most areas of seminary study.

RES 095 – Term Paper Tutorial (0 Credits)

Graduate-level thinking, argument, and style are expected from written assignments submitted at ACTS. Students who have been away from academics for a period, who have a technical rather than humanities background, or who speak a first language other than English may find this a challenge. This morning-long tutorial is intended to introduce or refresh graduate-level writing skills. Because areas such as formulating research questions and strategies are the focus of the compulsory RES 500: Research Strategies course, the main focus of this session will be on the mechanics of writing good term papers.

RES 500 – Research Strategies (1 Credits)

This course provides an opportunity for students to develop graduate level information research skills though study of, and practice with, research design, acquisition of resources within a technological environment, resource evaluation, and preparation of resources for the writing of research projects.