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CHM 593 - Teaching, Learning, and Early Childhood 3 Credits

Core to any children’s ministry and discipleship path is a strong understanding of the teaching and learning process. This course will start by looking at Jesus, the perfect Teacher, and the Holy Spirit, the perfect Guide. From this foundation we will examine multiple theories and practices of solid teaching, learning, and early childhood education.

CHM 591 - Children in Perspective 3 Credits

In order to reach today’s children we must know today’s children – their worldview, culture, and understanding; their social, emotional, mental, and spiritual understanding; their need for attachment in the midst of constant change. The course covers this material then puts it into a biblical framework by examining God’s design for children, and His heart for drawing children to Himself.

CHM 500 - The Learning Church 3 Credits

The student will survey the entire learning ministry of the local church including worship, teaching, community life and service; all with age specific needs in mind. This course will enable the student to initiate a personal philosophy and practice of church ministry.

CHM 596 - Special Topic: Building Healthy Church Boards 3 Credits

Special Topic: Building Healthy Church Boards

CHM 594 - Leadership: Yourself, Volunteers, and Families 3 Credits

Ministries frequently reflect the spiritual health of the leader. Hence our study of leadership will start by looking at you, the leader. Where is your heart? What are your skills? How do you communicate vision, dissolve tension, or encourage weary souls? We will then look at the full topic of leading, recruiting, training, and empowering volunteers. Lastly, we’ll look at church-based family ministry which seeks to empower parents to be the spiritual champions for their children.

CHM 592 - Spiritual Formation of a Child 3 Credits

This course examines salvation, baptism, and communion in relation to the child, looking at evangelical, covenant, and catholic theology, and highlighting the important role of parents in the spiritual formation process. It also covers essential aspects of children’s spiritual formation, considering the vital role of worship, discipleship, and curriculum in this process. Lastly, it looks at spiritually and programmatically supporting children and families with supportive care needs.

CHM 692 - OT Leadership and Spiritual Formation 3 Credits

The Old Testament themes of leadership and spiritual formation are expressed in and through the history, activities, beliefs and teachings of the first followers of God, from scattered individuals to a unified socio-political state. In terms of spiritual formation, this course explores the nature of personal “face to face” encounters/relationships with the divine. In terms of leadership, the life and leadership of various “unequaled” Old Testament leaders will be examined. Throughout the course, participants will explore specific theological and practical frameworks to evaluate their own spiritual health and ministry leadership. Cross-listed as BOT 692. Prerequisite: BIB 505

CHM 661 - Family Ministry 3 Credits

A study of the way in which the needs of the family are met within the church or other family work setting contexts. The student will study a biblical, philosophical, theoretical, strategically, administrative and research approach in understanding and addressing these needs.

CHM 594 - Special Topics - Christian Ministry 3 Credits

This course gives the student an opportunity to focus in a specialized area of Church Ministry. It will help students to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the field, challenge them to do in-depth critical research of current issues and concepts, and promote growth in skills that are relevant to ministry in this field.

CHM 508 - Small Group Ministry 3 Credits

This course focuses upon leading a vibrant small group ministry. The student will embrace a theology of the church community and an appreciation for the longstanding historic role of small groups within the church. In addition, the student will acquire contemporary insights related to small group dynamics and the organization of a small group ministry within the church

CHM 501 - Theory and Theology of Learning 3 Credits

Reflecting upon the theological, historical and practical dimensions of teaching/learning, the student will develop an appreciation for how people learn to become disciples of Christ. The student will also develop a basic foundation of learning principles and practice using them in a ministry setting.

LIN 593 - Semantics and Pragmatics 3 Credits

This course provides students with the theoretical tools with which to study meaning at the word and sentence levels, and to explain how people interpret utterances in context. Students will study various models of semantics and pragmatics, and learn how to apply different approaches to the study of meaning in natural language.