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CHP 640 - Ethics and Leadership Issues in Chaplaincy 3 Credits

An examination of issues of personal and professional ethics and leadership that arise in the context of professional chaplaincy ministry. Special attention is given to matters of accountability to clients and professional associations, and to appropriate personal conduct for a Christian chaplain whose moral decision-making should be guided by a biblical/Christian ethic. Students will exercise the process of strategic planning for the development of spiritual care programs. The course seeks to foster an effective connection between theory and praxis through lectures, case discussions, and shared reflections.

CHP 650 - Pastoral Crisis Response 3 Credits

Learners will be equipped with an understanding of how pastoral interventions and traditional psychological crisis interventions can be effectively integrated. Students will be taught the components of Pastoral Crisis Intervention (PCI) using the combination of faith-based resources in concert with traditional techniques used in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). The perspective of the scriptures, faith and theology provide a powerful addition to the standardized CISM methods equipping the care giver for effective ministry.

CHP 692 - Special Topic: Ministry in a Multifaith Environment 3 Credits

Special Topic: Ministry in a Multifaith Environment

CHP 692 OL - Understanding the Scope of Perspectives and Ministry in MAiD 3 Credits

This course will give a basic understanding of End-of-Life Care and Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). Participants will increase awareness of patient, family and healthcare worker perspectives and build skill for coming alongside pastorally. The understanding of Scripture, theological and denominational positions on MAiD will be considered as one develops a pastoral position for response. Of particular interest to denominational leaders and those who counsel pastoral care givers will be the lessons on Postvention Care and the information on how to support ministering individuals impacted by another’s decision for MAiD.

CHP 700 - Chaplaincy Practicum 3 Credits

This practicum experience will allow graduate students to integrate and apply the skills and knowledge gained through course work with the ministry of chaplaincy. This ministry practicum is designed to provide the student preparing for vocational Christian Chaplaincy the opportunity to engage in the practice of ministry under competent, caring supervision. The practicum will engage students in the practice of integrating theological, philosophical and discipline specific learning. Students will receive formative counsel in reflection on the ministry experience to enhance the student’s personal growth and ministry preparedness.

CLD 510 - Foundations of Christian Leadership 3 Credits

Christian leadership development forms part of the distinctive DNA of ACTS Seminaries and this course represents the gateway to this Christian Leadership Development focus. In this course, students will explore six key dimensions of leadership: a growing relationship with God, character, calling, community, team and context-appropriate competencies.

CLD 531 - Theology and Practice of Spiritual Leadership 3 Credits

The spiritual growth of the Christian leader cannot be left to chance. Such progress is intentional, developmental, and cumulative; guided by the Holy Spirit, and nurtured among other believers. This course seeks to understand and encourage growth in Christian leaders in three areas: spiritual formation, ethical integrity, and personal relationships.

CLD 532 - Power, Change and Conflict 3 Credits

A study of principles and dynamics related to the power relationships and the need for change that exists in all organizations. Students will develop in their understanding of the role of power in the change process and in their ability to apply this understanding in godly, effective organizational leadership. They will examine the dynamics around conflict and consider ways to turn conflict resolution into a catalyst for organizational health and growth. Prerequisite: CLD 510

CLD 533 - Mentoring, Team Building and Equipping 3 Credits

While leading remains a prerequisite to effective oversight of a ministry, equipping, mentoring, and team building are the means by which effective leading occurs. Students will grow in their understanding of equipping, mentoring, and team-building ministry, and develop skills in these areas, with the aim of leaving a strong leadership legacy characterized by the formation of cohesive teams. Prerequisite: CLD 510

CLD 534 - Vision, Strategic Planning and Organizational Leadership 3 Credits

This course provides Christian leaders with a biblical perspective on planning within ministry organizations, an understanding of ministry governance models, the skills to develop a shared vision for ministry, and a set of practical planning tools for making progress towards that vision. Prerequisite: CLD 510