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BIB 692 - 1 - Exploring Septuagint Job 3 Credits

This course will examine the book of Job through the text of the Greek Old Testament (LXX). Special attention will be paid to the unique aspects of LXX Job in comparison to the Hebrew text.

BIB 760 - Septuagint Exegesis 3 Credits

The student is introduced to essential principles and methodological considerations that interpreters of the Septuagint must take into account in order to exegete this translation responsibly and use it knowledgeably in other hermeneutical contexts. Selected portions of the Septuagint will be investigated in the light of these guidelines. Prerequisites: BNT 601, BOT 601

BIB 761 - The Septuagint in Early Jewish and Christian Traditions  3 Credits

A study of the reception history of the Septuagint in both Jewish and Christian canonical contexts, and in the works of early Jewish and Christian translators, revisors, and authors. The evidence for the transmission and interpretation of the Scriptures will be explored against the backdrop of this history, and selected texts will be studied. Prerequisites: BNT 601, BOT 601

BIB 768 - Current Issues in Septuagint Studies  3 Credits

Students are provided with the opportunity to do focused work in a specialized area of Septuagint studies. The purpose is to help students broaden and deepen their knowledge of the field, to challenge them to carry out critical research on current issues and concepts, and to facilitate their development of skills that are relevant to the discipline. BNT 601, BOT 601

BIB 889 - Interdisciplinary Research Seminar - Biblical Studies 3 Credits

An examination of epistemological and related methodological issues that affect the work of the Christian theological scholar, considered generally in the contemporary academic context, and concretely in the specialization disciplines of the MTS and MTh programs. Students will explore the implications of these issues for research writing (including thesis preparation) in their own specializations. They will also engage in critical interdisciplinary dialogue on research projects presented by their fellow students. Prerequisite: MTS 803, MTH 890

BNT 501 - Introductory NT Greek I 3 Credits

The student is introduced to the basic features of New Testament Greek, including grammar, vocabulary, and oral reading. The result is the ability to read the simpler portions of the New Testament with the aid of a Greek Lexicon.

BNT 502 - Introductory NT Greek II 3 Credits

The student continues in the basic features of NT Greek, with emphasis on some of the more complex aspects of Greek grammar. Vocabulary development and reading practice will be emphasized. As a result the student will gain proficiency in reading the Greek Testament and will be prepared for exegetical study. Prerequisite: BNT 501

BNT 571 - General Epistles 3 Credits

The student will survey the content and unique emphases of each book, study selected portions in detail, and apply sound hermeneutical procedures to discern the essential theological contribution of this section to the totality of biblical truth. Application of truth to contemporary issues will be considered. Interaction with commentary and theological literature is included. Prerequisite: BIB 505

BNT 601 - NT Greek Exegesis I 3 Credits

The student will develop exegetical method and skill in use of the Greek language. The course includes the study of syntax, an introduction to textual criticism, exposure to exegetical tools, and vocabulary building. Prerequisite: BNT 502

BNT 602 - NT Greek Exegesis II 3 Credits

The student will learn to apply exegetical methods acquired in BNT 600 to a NT Epistle and continue to develop competence in interpreting the Greek New Testament with a view to preaching/teaching such texts. Prerequisite: BNT 601