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PTH 762 - Communication and Transformation 3 Credits

Preaching is a skill that is only acquired through hard work and diligent practice. This class will help the student improve his or her skill in preaching the Bible through provision of multiple mentored opportunities. The student should view this class as a laboratory experience designed to assist his or her development through preparing and preaching sermons in a safe and supportive environment. Prerequisite: PTH 603

RES 095 - Term Paper Tutorial 0 Credits

ACTS Seminaries students are expected to engage written assignments with graduate-level thinking, argumentation, research and style. Students who have been away from academics for a period of time, who have a technical rather than humanities background, or who speak a first language other than English may find this a challenge. This four-hour tutorial is intended to introduce or refresh graduate-level writing skills.

RES 502 - Research Strategies 2 Credits

This course provides an opportunity for students to develop graduate level information research skills though study of, and practice with, research design, acquisition of resources within a technological environment, resource evaluation, and preparation of resources for the writing of research projects.

SCS 500 - Science, Technology and Ethics 3 Credits

Students learn the relationship between science/technology and Christian faith in the era of the post-industrial revolution. The nature, meaning and ethics of modern science and technology are analyzed from the Christian perspective, particularly with reference to the de-humanizing tendencies in technological application. Various issues in bioethics like birth control , abortion, and euthanasia, etc., are also included.

SCS 501 - Christianity and Environmental Issues 3 Credits

This course presents the biblical principles which should underlie science and environmental issues. Basic assumptions of contemporary science and environmental issues are evaluated from the Christian perspective.

SCS 502 - History and Philosophy of Science (Korean) 3 Credits

This course combines study of the history of science and the philosophical presuppositions of scientific endeavour, presented with special emphasis upon the historical interaction between science and Christianity. Christian evaluation of scientific method, scientific laws, etc., are conducted.

SCS 503 - Christianity and Creation Studies  3 Credits

Starting with a brief history of the “origins” controversy from the early church to the twentieth century, this course analyzes the biblical and scientific implications of creationism and evolution. Some evaluation of ‘creation science,’ ‘theistic evolution,’ ‘intelligent design’’as a movement are also provided.

SCS 690 - Creation Studies Seminar 3 Credits

Creation Studies Seminar

SCS 691 - Creation Studies Field Trip 3 Credits

This is a field trip course for creation studies designed for worldview study students who do not have science background. Basic geological concepts are dealt from a creationists catastrophic perspective. And those concepts are applied in Wells Gray Provincial Park (Spahats Falls), Canadian Rocky Mountains (Athabasca Falls, Athabasca Glacier, etc.) and Royal Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum and its vicinity (Hoodoo, Horseshoe Canyon, etc.). Through the field trip, students can detect the God’s design in one of the most spectacular natural wonders in the world.

THS 540 - Introduction to Theology  2 Credits

An introduction to the study of theology, this course provides an overview of major theological themes and issues, set in the context of a brief survey of the historical development of Christian doctrine. We will discuss the basis, purpose, and essential language of theology together with its place and importance in the life of the church.