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THS 550/HIS 550M - History of Christian Thought (Mandarin) 3 Credits

This course introduces the development of Christian thought in history from the beginning of the apostolic era to the twentieth century and examines the thought of prominent Christian thinkers in their historical contexts

THS 571 - Theology I 3 Credits

This course introduces the student to church theology. It begins with a study of the nature and necessity of doing theology in the contemporary world, with primary attention given to the authority of God’s self-disclosure in Scripture, as well as discussions regarding hermeneutical issues. The course concludes with a consideration of the nature, ministry, and mission of the church in the world.

THS 602 - Christian Ethics 3 Credits

This course consists of a study of the biblical principles, theological foundations, philosophical conceptions and resulting methodological procedures which inform Christian moral decision making in the social and individual human situation. It also investigates moral attitude and action as they apply in the specific areas of individual and social ethics, which are critical for our culture today. Prerequisite: THS 540.

THS 614 - Global Theologies 3 Credits

This course seeks to extend the study of theology to the manner in which non-Western communities of Christians endeavour to shape their world by their faith. Special emphasis is given to examining Christology and Soteriology from a cross-cultural perspective, and to the manner by which both Western and non-Western traditions may interact. Cross-credited as CCM 614. Prerequisite: THS 540

THS 630 - Theology of Pastoral Care  3 Credits

The core theological themes of hope and compassion as a foundation for a theology of pastoral care is engaged in this course. Contemporary issues of pastoral care and participation in suffering will be explored carefully in an effort to understand the complexity and the roots of human anguish. Participants will be invited to explore their own framework for moral vision, to articulate their theology of pastoral care, and to prepare themselves for a deeper participation in the suffering of others as agents of hope in a broken world. Prerequisite: THS 540

THS 631 - Theology of Suffering  3 Credits

How does the Word of God help us when life is full of pain and trouble? Is our suffering caused by sin? by Satan? Is it part of God’s plan? How does God desire for us to respond when we suffer? In this course we will explore the teachings of Scripture to understand God’s perspective on these and related questions. Prerequisite: THS 540

THS 648 - Theological Issues in Counselling 3 Credits

This course critically explores intersections between theology, behavioral science research, pastoral care and professional counselling. Among topics covered in the course include the imago Dei in human beings, models for relating psychology and theology, types of revelatory work of God, the implications of the Atonement for pastoral care and Christian counselling, and the relationship between science, Scripture and mental health. A major focus will be the exploration of theological, behavioral science and clinical perspectives on the practice of forgiveness.

THS 671 - Theology II 3 Credits

One of three introductory systematic theology courses. A study of the Bible’s story of creation, fall, and redemption. This course begins with the existence and nature of God, especially focusing on God’s action in creation and providence. Discussion then moves to the nature of human beings as creatures and sinners, culminating in a consideration of the person of God the Redeemer. Prerequisites: none

THS 672 - Theology III 3 Credits

One of three introductory systematic theology courses. A study which continues to unfold the Bible’s story of creation, fall, and redemption. Special attention will be given to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ as well as the person and work of the Holy Spirit and the application of Christ’s work to the believer by the Holy Spirit. The course concludes with a study of last things in relation to individuals and future things. Prerequisite: none

THS 673 - Patristics 3 Credits

Luke, the New Testament historian, sought to write an orderly account of the early church so that he might instruct Theophilus in the historical reliability of the Christian faith. This course begins where Luke left off and provides an introduction to some of the key theological issues and personalities in the theology of the early church up to the Council of Chalcedon (451 CE), including formative issues in biblical interpretation, the development of an orthodox faith, and the seminal theology of the early church fathers. Prerequisite: THS 540