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THS 691 MB - MB Convictions 3 Credits

Special Topic: MB Convictions

THS 692 M - Special Topic: Readings in Chinese Christian Thought 3 Credits

This special topic course is offered in Mandarin.

THS 701 - Contemporary Theological Issues  3 Credits

A seminar exploring a selection of current theological issues. We will reflect briefly on principles that help us to engage theological problems effectively, and on the landscape of contemporary Christian theological debate. We will then examine a number of major issues under discussion today. Several strategic issues will be chosen and examined by the instructor; students will select and present papers on other relevant topics. Key topics may include: open theism, pluralism/inclusivism (the status of the unevangelized), and issues relating to spiritual gifts. Prerequisite: THS 571

THS 742 - Contemporary Theology  3 Credits

An examination and evaluation of major theological developments which have shaped the Christian world in recent generations. We will discuss the contributions of significant individuals together with the schools of thought they represent. students will leave this class more familiar with the world of contemporary Christian thought, better equipped to assess the contributions and weaknesses of current theologies, and more thoroughly prepared to deal with the hermeneutical issues that the Christian thinker must tackle as he or she seeks to communicate the gospel in our Modern and Postmodern setting. Prerequisite: THS 571

WVS 500 - Worldview Foundations (Korean) 3 Credits

This course begins with a consideration of the anthropological and sociological understandings of a “worldview” and how it works to shape personal and community ethos. It then moves to a selective survey of the history of the Christian worldview as it has gained expression from the patristic times to the twentieth century. Special attention is given to the way in which diverse worldviews have shaped and affected theological discussion and expression.

WVS 501 - Oriental Culture and Christian Worldview 3 Credits

Students consider the oriental thought and its worldview(s) in the light of Christian truth. Nationalism, literature, and philosophical elements of oriental culture as expressed in individual and communal settings are analyzed. The contextualization of the gospel to this culture is considered.

WVS 502 - Contemporary Ideologies and Christian Worldview 3 Credits

This course surveys contemporary religious, philosophical and cultural ideologies with particular emphasis upon their significance for communicating the Christian worldview. New Age, religious pluralism, humanism, post-communism, utopianism, and various Hindu sects and ideologies of science and technology are considered.

WVS 503 - Arts, Literature, and Christian Worldview 3 Credits

The nature and meaning of arts and literature in relation to the development of Christian thought is examined in this course. The historical and ideological backgrounds of post-modernism and its influence upon the arts and literature are analyzed and criticized from the Christian worldview position.

WVS 540 - Christian Worldview and Biblical Spirituality 3 Credits

All aspects of Christian life should be guided and guarded by the Bible. Spirituality is not an exception, no matter how noble and lofty it may sound. This course attempts to articulate from the perspective of Christian worldview what authentic Christian spirituality entails. It also pursues a holistic and integrated understanding of Christian spirituality, with which one can discern contemporary popular spiritual manifestations especially within a Korean context. Various works on spiritual theology including the those of Eugene Peterson will be discussed during the course.

WVS 600 - Philosophical Foundations of Worldview Studies 3 Credits

This course deals with a consideration of the philosophical understanding of a worldview.