Doctor of Ministry


The ACTS Seminaries Doctor of Ministry is a professional degree that will enhance your ministry practice by providing mentored reflection on God and the scriptures as the foundation of your ministry. It helps build your character and spiritual health as a ministry leader and enables you to apply training within your ministry context. You will learn with other senior ministry leaders under the supervision and mentorship of faculty members who all have significant experience in ministry.

There are four elements to the ACTS DMin program:

Meet once per year in the fall for on-campus mentored peer learning with ACTS faculty and fellow students. The three key themes of the DMin program - God and Theology, Leadership and Context, Mission and Community - are woven through the Mindset event and help structure the work you do throughout the year.

Explore topics relevant to your chosen specialization and the core DMin themes through online problem-based learning. Here you will engage with your faculty mentor and fellow students on a regular basis to develop shared resources that connect the Mindset topics and your thesis-project.

Spend nine days embedded with innovative ministry organizations. Each spring you will join your classmates and faculty mentors in a select Canadian or international location to immerse yourself in a unique local ministry and dialogue with their leaders.

Design an applied thesis-project to advance your understanding of your chosen thesis topic and increase your ministry capacity and competence. You start developing your thesis project right from the start of your studies, to maximize the integration of your thesis with the rest of your program.

* The Doctor of Ministry program is designed to be completed in three years of study while you remain in your ministry context. This degree is granted conjointly by Trinity Western University and the seminary in which the student is enrolled.

Course Outline

On-campus one-week mentored peer learning. Takes place each year in the Fall semester on the ACTS campus.

Online problem-based learning with faculty mentors and fellow students. Takes place in the Fall and Spring semesters throughout the three years of the program.

Embedded ministry experience with innovative ministries throughout Canada. Takes place in the Spring semester.

Thesis-project connecting your own ministry context with the Mindset and Explorations program components.

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See the Doctor of Ministry Program Manual

Areas of Study

Church Ministries
Church Ministries helps develop your understanding of the educational ministry of the church along with the practical skills required for effective leadership of educational ministries to children, youth and adults.

Effective leadership requires wisdom, knowledge and humility to lead wherever God has called, whether in full-time church ministry or leadership in the marketplace and community.

Pastoral Ministry
Pastoral Ministry courses are designed to equip you with a philosophy of ministry as well as practical skills in the major areas of pastoral ministry - preaching, pastoral care and leadership.

Theological Studies
Theology is what Christians believe about God, salvation and the nature of reality, which makes every Christian a theologian. By engaging with current and historical theological issues, you will see more clearly how your beliefs impact both your day-to-day life and the major social and cultural issues in the world today.

ACTS Seminaries welcomes applicants who confess faith in Jesus, are members in or connected with a local church, and possess a desire for academic and spiritual growth within the ACTS Seminaries community. A Master of Divinity or equivalent theological degree from an accredited university or college is the standard academic prerequisite, along with at least three years of ministry experience.

Step 1 - choose your degree program
Step 2 - fill out the online application form
Step 3 - submit your references and transcripts

The seminaries that constitute the Associated Canadian Theological Schools admit qualified women and men of any race, nationality or ethnic origin. Please note that meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission. ACTS may consider applicants who do not meet the minimum academic requirements, provided they can demonstrate the ability to succeed at the graduate level.

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