Master of Arts - Global Christian Leadership (Korean)


The Master of Arts - Global Leadership in Korean provides intercultural leadership and ministry training in the Korean language. Through this program, you will:

1. Acquire biblical and theological truth within the Believer’s church tradition
2. Articulate a highly developed, personal Christian worldview
3. Deepen your spiritual character and insight
4. Develop your leadership capacity
5. Engage in the interface between biblical/theological truth and social science research
6. Expand your expertise and capacity in intercultural leadership and ministry

* The MA-GLK program is normally completed in five semesters.

Course Outline

Research & Writing
MCS 500Q - Research & Program Orientation
MCS 810Q - MACS Graduating Project

Biblical Studies
BIB 500Q - Introduction to Biblical Studies
BIB 505Q - Biblical Hermeneutics
BNT 634Q - Exposition of Mark
BOT 670Q - Exposition of Isaiah

Theological Studies
THS 540Q - Introduction to Theology
THS 571Q - Believers' Church Theology
BIB 640Q - New Testament Theology

History & Culture Studies
CCM 612Q - Global Theologies
CCM 643Q - World Faiths and Ways of Religion
CCM 660Q - Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Leadership

Leadership Formation
CLD 510Q - Foundations of Christian Leadership
CLD 531Q - Personal Dimensions of Leadership Development
CLD 532Q - Power, Change, & Conflict
CLD 533Q - Mentoring, Team-Building, & Equipping
CLD 591Q - Global Leadership

Ministry Skills
PTH 600Q - Pastoral Formation
PTH 613Q - Evangelism and Faith Formation

Areas of Study

There are no areas of study for this program.

ACTS Seminaries welcomes applicants who confess faith in Jesus, are
members in or connected with a local church, and possess a desire for
academic and spiritual growth within the ACTS Seminaries community. A
Master of Divinity or equivalent theological degree from an
accredited university or college is the standard academic prerequisite,
along with at least three years of ministry experience.

Step 1 - choose your degree program
Step 2 - fill out the online application form
Step 3 - submit your references and transcripts

The seminaries that constitute the Associated Canadian
Theological Schools admit qualified women and men of any race,
nationality or ethnic origin. Please note that meeting the minimum
admission requirements does not guarantee admission. ACTS may consider
applicants who do not meet the minimum academic requirements, provided
they can demonstrate the ability to succeed at the graduate level.

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