Master of Theological Studies


The Master of Theological Studies equips you with expanded knowledge in a biblical or theological specialization, such as Apologetics, Church History, New Testament, Old Testament, Septuagint Studies or Theology. Through mentorship, in-depth discussion, peer learning and a thesis project, you will become better prepared to teach and influence this and future generations of Christians.

The program is ideal for those whose sense of vocation includes teaching and scholarship, for those planning to go on to doctoral studies, and for those interested in acquiring advanced training and knowledge in a specialized area to enhance church-based ministries or to enrich a teaching role.

*The Master of Theological Studies contains 52 credit hours and can be done in two years of full time study, or over a longer period of part-time study. This degree is granted conjointly by Trinity Western University and the seminary in which the student is enrolled.

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Course Outline

Research & Writing
RES 502 - Research Strategies
MTS 700 - Research Writing & the Ministry of Scholarship
MTS 889 - Interdisciplinary Research Seminar

Biblical/Theological Studies
BIB 505 - Biblical Interpretation
BIB 620/640 - Old Testament Theology OR New Testament Theology
Biblical Studies Elective
THS 571 - Theology I
THS 671 - Theology II
THS 672 - Theology III

Church History
HIS 540 - History of Christianity I
HIS 541 - History of Christianity II

Four electives in your area of specialization

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Areas of Study

Biblical Studies
Biblical Studies will provide you with a strong foundation for ministry and personal faith by refining your knowledge of the Scriptures.

Church History
Church history examines what Christians at different times and in different places around the world believed about God, the Gospel and the Christian life, so that we can live in faithful obedience to the gospel today.

Septuagint Studies
The Septuagint is the earliest Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible and the first major work of religious translation in history. It provides unique insight into the world in which Jesus lived and in which the early church grew.

Theological Studies
Theology is what Christians believe about God, salvation and the nature of reality, which makes every Christian a theologian. By engaging with current and historical theological issues, you will see more clearly how your beliefs impact both your day-to-day life and the major social and cultural issues in the world today.

ACTS Seminaries welcomes applicants who confess faith in Jesus, are members in or connected with a local church, and possess a desire for academic and spiritual growth within the ACTS Seminaries community. A bachelor degree from an accredited university or college is the standard academic prerequisite. Other admission requirements are listed on our Apply page.

Step 1 - choose your degree program
Step 2 - fill out the online application form
Step 3 - submit your references and transcripts

The seminaries that constitute the Associated Canadian Theological Schools admit qualified women and men of any race, nationality or ethnic origin. Please note that meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission. ACTS may consider applicants who do not meet the minimum academic requirements, provided they can demonstrate the ability to succeed at the graduate level.

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