Seminary is one of the most important decisions of your life. We realize that the funding process can seem daunting. That is why we strive to make it as simple and straight-forward as possible. Talk with your enrolment advisor about the scholarships and bursaries that can help fund your education. 


Once you are admitted, you are eligible to apply for financial aid. If you have not yet been admitted, please apply now.

Apply for Financial Aid

ACTS awarded more than


in financial aid last year.


Application: You will only be considered for scholarships if you have completed the Financial Aid application. Deadline for application is May 1st. You must reapply each year to determine eligibility.

Award Eligibility
President’s Scholarship
  • Each seminary will have $2500 available to award at their discretion
  • Students must be full-time (9 semester hours or more per semester)
  • Each award will be split half for fall and half for spring
  • Students receiving these awards must apply through the ACTS/TWU general online application
  • Other criteria may be determined by the respective seminaries
Dean’s Scholarship
  • Students must be full-time (9 semester hours or more per semester)
  • The recipient will have a minimum GPA of 3.7
  • One award per seminary
  • GPA for program must be maintained in the Fall semester to receive the award in the Spring semester.
ACTS Scholarship
  • ACTS Scholarships are based on GPA
  • Students must be full-time (9 semester hours per semester)
  • Enrolled in a degree program
  • Maintain the GPA applicable for their program through to the second term
  • The award is split half for fall and half for spring

Application to the Endowments is done during the online Financial Aid Application process where you will be prompted to choose your top two preferences. To be eligible for endowment awards, you must:

  • Attend both fall and spring semesters
  • Full-time (9 semester hours or more per semester)
  • Meet any additional criteria for individual awards
Award Eligibility
Amount # of Awards
A.A. Nieuwenhuis Scholarship CBS student. Financial need. Good academic standing. $150 1
BGCC of Alberta Bursary Award Available to a CBS student from Alberta who is in good academic standing and demonstrates financial need. $700 1
Broadway West Bursary Award available to a CBS student attending a BGC church in Canada. Must be in good academic standing and demonstrate financial need. Preference will be given to students from the Prairie Provinces. $3,000 2
Cruise Trust Scholarship This award is for an ACTS Seminary student in Pastoral Ministry. Assessed Need. $1,300 1
Delbrook McAllister Bursary Award available to a CBS student with financial need. Preference is given to a student from The Bridge Church in North Vancouver. $220 1
EFCC Women’s Ministry Award (Missions) Award available to full time EFCC students who are missionaries; or award may be prorated and split with full/part time EFCC students who are missionaries. Need required. $800 1
EFCC Women’s Ministry Award (Pastoral) Award available to full time EFCC students who’s a pastor; or award may be prorated and split with full/part time EFCC students who are pastors. Need required. $650 1
Elizabeth Liberg Memorial Scholarship Award available to full time EFCC students who’s a pastor; or award may be prorated and split with full/part time EFCC students who are pastors. Need required. $750 1
Fellowship Leadership Matching Grant Award available to NBS students. It’s an even three-way tuition cost sharing arrangement with the student and his or her church for the duration of the student’s program. Available to students serving in Fellowship Baptist Churches. Contact NBS for more details. 66% Tuition n/a
Jireh Bursary Available to a full time ACTS international student up to $3000 depending on need and year of studies. Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
$3,000 30
John Ballard Family Full Time Student. Preparing for Counselling. Preference to CBS Students $200 1
Katherine Tsang Memorial Seminary School Award available to a student with financial need who is consistent in church involvement. Must be a senior in the ACTS seminary program with the intention of going into Pastoral or Missionary service – preferably in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong). $1000 1
Ken & Dorothy Davis Scholarship Award available to student studying in M.Div program pursuing pastoral ministry. Must show financial need. $700 1
Ken & Dorothy Davis Scholarship Award available to student studying in M.Div program pursuing pastoral ministry. Must show financial need. $600 1
Leadership Training Matching Grant MBBS student.CCMBC partners with the local church, each providing 25% of tuition. Students are responsible for the remaining 50% of their tuition costs.Contact MBBS for more details. 50% Tuition n/a
Long Family Scholarship CBS student. Financial need. $180 1
MBBS Endowment Awards Eligibility criteria are as follows: enrolled in a degree program; maintain the GPA applicable for your program (minimum 2.5); be a member of or attending an MB church in Canada for at least 6 months prior to the date of the application; and if possible, be involved in volunteer or paid ministry in your local church or Christian organization/agency. Contact MBBS for more details. Varies n/a
Milt Fair Bursary Available to a student who demonstrates financial need and has a desire to serve in cross cultural ministry. Preference given to a BGC or CMA student. $750 1
NBS General Financial Aid NBS offers a limited amount of financial aid on a semester-by-semester basis to students enrolled in NBS. Application must be made each semester Contact NBS for more details.span> Varies n/a
Pamela Peverall Ministerial Scholarship TWS student in 3rd year pastoral program. Strong potential for success in ministry. Upper third of class. Financial need. $1000 1
Pastoral Ministry Scholarship Award available to ACTS Seminary student demonstrating Christian Character and in Pastoral Ministry or goal of Pastoral Ministry. Assessed Need. $800 1
Paul & Dorthea Berggren Scholarship Award available to a full time TWS student with a heart for evangelism (Given to applicant with greatest financial need). $1200 1
Phillips Memorial Scholarship A 2nd or 3rd year CBS student from Alberta. Good academic standing. Financial need $1000 1
Springle Family Scholarship Award available to a CBS student with financial need. Student must also have a good academic standing and promise for Christian leadership. $600 1
Trinity Western Seminary EFC Student Award Available to an EFC pastor seeking continuing education. Members of the E-Free church may also apply. Assessed Need required. $1150 2
TWS Fosmark Endowment Award available to students on TWS Matching Grant Program. Contact TWS for more details. $1675 14
VBC Alumni Bursary Award available to a CBS student with financial need. $700 1

We offer bursaries, which are given on the basis of financial need. Students are eligible for students who:

  • have financial need
  • are full-time (9 semester hours or more per semester)
  • are enrolled in a degree program
  • maintain the GPA applicable to their program

The award will be split half for the fall and half for the spring semesters. The amount is up to $1,500. To apply you must fill out the online application by May 1st.

Campus employment is a great way to earn money during the school year as well as gain great work experience. Hundreds of positions are available (teaching assistants, administrative roles, etc.) on campus. There are even positions available during the summer!

The first step is to complete the online Financial Aid Application. Once you have done this, the Financial Aid Office will be able to inform you whether you are eligible for on-campus employment. After that it’s as simple as uploading your resume and clicking “Apply.”

Please note that students coming from outside of Canada will need to have a work permit to work off-campus.

For more information and to apply for on-campus positions please visit the Student Success Centre.

Important Dates

Application Deadline

May 1
After May 1, ACTS will start to grant scholarships and bursaries. We would encourage you to apply for financial aid after May 1, but there may be fewer options available.

Student Loans
June 1
Recommended date to apply for government student loans.

Student Loans

If you have done everything you can to come up with the funds you need to pay for school and still require additional funding, then we would encourage you to consider applying for a student loan. Government student loans are a good option as they remain interest free while you are full-time and you do not need to make any payments until you have finished school.

Canada student loans are fully interest-free while you are a full-time student and you are automatically considered for additional grant funding when you apply. Eligibility for grant funding is determined by your family income.

After you graduate you have 6 months before repayment begins and if the payments are beyond your means the government will work with you through the Repayment Assistance Plan to come up with a payment plan that works for you.

Below are the links to the provincial student loan websites:

HSBC Student Financing Program
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Northwest Territories
Prince Edward Island

Federal Student Loans

The William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (Direct Loan) is a federal student loan program where the U.S. Department of Education is the lender.

Direct and PLUS Loans: for eligible graduate students

Private Student Loans

Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan


We have compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question doesn’t appear on this list, send us an email or call us and we’ll be happy to help.

General Questions

Online! To apply now, click here

The cost varies a little based on which program you choose. To see tuition and cost information click here.

There are a variety of jobs available on campus. When you complete your Financial Aid application, indicate that you are interested in working on campus. Qualifying students will be notified about their eligibility for on campus employment in their awards package letter.

A scholarship is based on your academic achievement and a grant is based on your financial need. Financial need will be determined when you complete the Financial Aid application.

ACTS students are eligible for Canadian and US government loans. Your actual eligibility will be determined by your province/state (FAFSA for US students). Click here for more information on student loans..

Award Confirmation

Award confirmation is a process that allows you to review the criteria for each of your awards. It is required because it assures us that you have seen your award package and that you have read the award criteria and understand the requirements and restrictions of your awards. By completing award confirmation each year you should be aware of what you need to do to maintain/renew your funding from year to year.

Confirming your awards is easy! Click here to confirm your awards. If you don’t remember what your username and password is, you can have it emailed to you.

If you don’t see any awards on the awards summary page it probably means you have not applied for financial aid yet but don’t worry, applying for Financial Aid is easy! Award applications remain open until the add/drop date for the Fall semester so if this date has not passed yet we encourage you to apply.