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The Certificate in Leadership equips students with the essential skills necessary for leading a thriving ministry. All students will take a foundations course to start with. But from there on, the certificate is entirely customizable to fit your preferred context.


Christian leadership development forms part of the distinctive “DNA” of ACTS Seminaries and this course represents the gateway to this Christian Leadership Development (CLD) focus. In this course, students will explore six key dimensions of leadership: a growing relationship with God, character, calling, community, team and context-appropriate competencies.

You can choose three electives from the following courses to best fit your interests and needs.

CLD 531 – Personal Dimensions of Leadership Development

The spiritual growth of the Christian leader cannot be left to chance. Such progress is intentional, developmental, and cumulative; guided by the Holy Spirit, and nurtured among other believers. This course seeks to understand and encourage growth in Christian leaders in three areas: spiritual formation, ethical integrity, and personal relationships.

CLD 532 – Power, Change & Conflict

A study of principles and dynamics related to the power relationships and the need for change that exists in all organizations. Students will develop in their understanding of the role of power in the change process and in their ability to apply this understanding in godly, effective organizational leadership. They will examine the dynamics around conflict and consider ways to turn conflict resolution into a catalyst for organizational health and growth.

CLD 533 – Mentoring, Team Build, Equipping

While leading remains a prerequisite to effective oversight of a ministry, equipping, mentoring, and team building are the means by which effective leading occurs. Students will grow in their understanding of equipping, mentoring, and team-building ministry, and develop skills in these areas, with the aim of leaving a strong leadership legacy characterized by the formation of cohesive teams.

CLD 534 – Vision, Strategic Planning & Organizational Leadership

This course provides Christian leaders with a biblical perspective on planning within ministry organizations, an understanding of ministry governance models, the skills to develop a shared vision for ministry, and a set of practical planning tools for making progress towards that vision.

CLD 591 – Special Topic (Christian Leadership)

This course gives the student an opportunity to do focused study in a specialized area of Christian Leadership in Ministry. It will help students to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the field, challenge them to do in-depth critical research of current issues and concepts, and promote growth in skills that are relevant to ministry in this field.

Director | Randy Wollf

Randy has his Ph.D. in Educational Studies (with a focus on organizational leadership) and a Master of Arts in Adult Education from the University of British Columbia. He also has a Masters in Religious Education from Trinity Western Seminary. Before teaching with MBBS, Randy was a pastor, church planter, and missionary for 20 years which gave him ministry experiences ranging from children’s ministry and preaching to team building and support raising. Randy, his wife, and their four children live in Langley, BC.