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Your path into seminary involves as many decisions as there are steps. And we are conscious that your decisions don’t stop when you arrive at new student orientation or the first day of classes. There are semester-by-semester choices to be made about courses and faculty, schedules and specializations. One by one, these large and small decisions all come together to shape your experience at seminary.

This page familiarizes you with most of the academic advising tools and resources available to you.

Course Needs Tool

The TWU Registrar’s Office recently implemented a tool in the registration database called Course Needs, which generates a quick summary of program progress based on a student’s current academic record. The Course Needs system will show you which degree program requirements you have already fulfilled, which are unfulfilled, and which are in progress in the current semester, all arranged in categories that match roughly with your degree program template. Course Needs also allows you to search the registration database for upcoming sections of courses that you need in order to fulfill program requirements.

You can get to Course Needs by clicking the link on the Student Portal page.

Course Needs is a powerful resource. The Registrar’s Office is developing resources to help students understand and navigate it effectively. For questions about the system, your best source of help will be the Registrar’s Office ( or the Registrar’s web page.

Note: Course Needs only works for students whose degree program requirements have specifically been entered into the system. The system has just been implemented, and only the past few years of ACTS degree program requirements have been entered. As a result, students who began studying at ACTS before 2014 may find that the system will not generate data for them.

Refund for Course Withdrawal

The full course withdrawal refund schedule can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website. For further information and assistance on withdrawing from summer courses, please contact

Fall & Spring Semesters

Weeks 1 & 2 of the semester: You may drop courses* during the first 2 weeks of the semester and receive a full refund for Tuition and Class Fees. There is no refund for Class Fees, Activity Fees or Student Association Fees after week 2 of the semester.

Weeks 3 to 6 of the semester: You may drop courses* during weeks 3 to 6 of the semester and receive a prorated refund of the tuition fees for those dropped courses.

A 70% tuition refund will be made on week 3, with further refunds decreasing by intervals of 10% per week and no refund after the sixth week.

Week 7 +: You may only drop courses* due to severe extenuating circumstances after week 6.  There is no tuition refund.

Modular Courses (Weekend and One Week courses): You can drop the course* up to and including the first day of class with 100% Tuition refund less a $100.00 Withdrawal Fee.

*Note that if you are dropping all course(s) for the semester you need to follow the procedures for Full Withdrawal from a Semester .

Adding and Dropping Courses with start dates after the first week of the semester:

There is no fee for adding a course prior to (and including) the first day of class. After the first day of class there is a $20 late add fee for adding a course. This policy applies to students of all divisions.

Students may drop a course up to and including the first day of class. For dropping a course with a late course start date, there is a 100% tuition refund less a $100 withdrawal fee and the course is dropped from their registration.  After the first day of class there is no refund for dropping a course with a late course start date. This policy applies to students of all divisions.

An appeal process is available for students who feel this policy should be waived due to extenuating circumstances.

Overview of Resources Available

Below on this page are information and links to the Student Portal, where you can access your student transcript, and the “Course Needs” system. Be sure to review them both.

The other resources are located on other webpages. But here for your convenience is a general overview and links to each page.

Student Transcript

ACTS students (and faculty) have immediate access to their current student academic records in the TWU registration database through the TWU Student Portal. Students can review this information anytime by downloading their current unofficial transcript.

The student portal is located here.

Follow the “Transcript (Unofficial)” link on the student portal page, or go directly here.

This resource allows you to check your previous course history (courses taken, grades achieved), to confirm the status of your current and most recent classes, and to see your current cumulative GPA. Use this data to double-check and fill out your program template as you do program planning.