Fireside Apologetics



March 16 at Langley Campus & March 23 at Richmond Campus


Paul Chamberlain, Director of the Institute of Christian Apologetic at ACTS Seminaries, invites you to our next Fireside Apologetics event where we’ll be discussing the question of why people stop believing. What moves some Christians―people who have been devoted to Jesus and have a good knowledge of the Bible―to make such a radical turn in their lives that they would walk away from their faith and in some cases become some of Christianity’s most ardent critics?

We’ll also be asking if there are questions that you and I can use to engage people like this when we meet them. We’ll refer to some case studies, have a panel discussion, and also give the audience a chance to ask questions. We invite you to come! We have two evenings for you to choose from: March 16 at ACTS Seminaries in Langley or March 23 at TWU Richmond.

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