Current Student Centre

Course Registration

You can review the Course Schedule available on the ACTS website. When you're ready to register for courses, log into the TWU Student Portal.

Course Needs Tool

The Course Needs system will show you which degree program requirements you have already fulfilled, which are unfulfilled and which are in progress in the current semester. Course Needs also allows you to search the registration database for upcoming sections of courses that you need in order to fulfill your program requirements.

As you can see, the Course Needs tool can be rather helpful ask you plan out your studies.

Academic Resources

There are a variety of resources on the ACTS website.

Student Transcript

ACTS students have immediate access to their current student academic records through the Student Portal. You can review this information anytime by downloading your current unofficial transcript.

This allows you to check your previous course history (courses taken, grades achieved), confirm the status of your current and most recent classes and to see your current cumulative GPA. Use this data to double-check and fill out your program template as you do program planning.

Refund for Course Withdrawal

The full course withdrawal refund schedule can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

For the Fall and Spring semesters, you can add or drop courses in the first two weeks of the semester through the Student Portal. After the Add/Drop deadline, you will need to use the Late Course Changes Form to adjust your registration.

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