Master of Arts in Christian Studies-Global Leadership

Master of Arts in Christian Studies
Global Leadership (Korean)

This degree program seeks to provide pastoral leadership development for Korean church leaders working in Canada and in the rest of the world.

Courses in this program are offered directly in Korean language or through translation. The Program Director is Larry Perkins, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Biblical Studies, assisted by Daniel Park, DTH, DMN, who is Director of Student Life. Dr. Park is the lead pastor of the Global Korean Missions Centre (Canada). He has authored several books including Daily Worship to God (1997) and Church Administration (1998), both published in Korea. All courses apply to the degree. Note: RES 490 is a prerequisite and does not count towards the 55 semester hours needed for graduation. Click to email Dr. Larry Perkins or Dr. Daniel Park.

1. Students who complete this degree will fulfill the MACS degree program outcomes defined by ACTS Seminaries. These include:

  1. Acquire biblical and theological truth within the Believer’s church tradition;
  2. Articulate a highly developed, personal Christian world view;
  3. Deepen their spiritual character and insight;
  4. Develop their leadership capacity;
  5. Engage in the interface between biblical/theological truth and some aspects of social science research;
  6. Expand expertise and capacity in Cross-cultural ministry.

2. Candidates will apply for admission to the MACS through the ACTS admissions office, using the normal application process and forms. This can be done online and assistance is available through the program’s administration team.There is no IBT English level requirement for admission to this program. However, should an individual admitted to this program desire to transfer to another ACTS degree program, normal IBT English requirements will apply.

3. Transfer of credit into this program will follow normal ACTS transfer policies.

4. The majority of courses are offered in Korean language, but some are offered in English with translation into Korean.

5. The total credits required to graduate will be 55 semester hours.

6. Applicants who already have an undergraduate or graduate degree in biblical studies or theology, will not have to take BIE 500 and THS 540.  Also, it is possible that applicants may transfer in some graduate courses. Evaluation of all transfer credits must occur at the time of admission. For courses to be considered for transfer, they must have been taken at a government-approved graduate theology school in Korea or an ATS accredited institution in North America.

7. ACTS fees and tuition rates apply for all courses.

8. Applicants admitted to the program have standing as ACTS students. This means that students have opportunity to use the Collegium facility in the Fosmark Centre (TWU) on the same basis as other TWU graduate students. Students are also members of the Graduate Student Association and are required to pay the normal fees for such membership.

9. Parking on campus is available. Students may purchase a semester parking pass or pay daily parking fees.

10. Students have full library privileges.



When applying to the MA in Christian Studies Korean Global Leadership program, click on the “Academics” tab in the application, then under “Program of Interest” select “MACS Korean Global Leadership.”


Registration for courses can be completed by going to the ACTS website. Formal registration will not be confirmed until the student makes payment to ACTS by cash or cheque. Payment must be received prior to the first day of classes.

The following rates apply to 2017-2018 and are stated in Canadian funds:

  • Tuition: $530 per credit hour
  • Admission Deposit: $200
  • Application Fee: $40
  • Late Registration Fee: $50
  • Graduate Students Association Fee: $3 per credit hour
  • Graduation Fee: $100
  • Parking Day Pass: $7.50
  • Parking Pass (Sept – Apr): $350

Tuition refunds follow the ACTS policy. In some situations where financial aid funds apply and are available students may receive financial assistance. Please refer to the Financial Aid section of this website to discern how to make application.

Students may transfer into the program four specific courses from previous graduate studies. These  are limited to:

  • One course in Christianity and Culture Studies
  • Two courses in Biblical Studies (One from Old Testament and One from New Testament)
  • One course in Christian Education

Courses have to be taken at master’s level through a government registered seminary or university in Korea or through an ATS accredited institution in North America. To qualify for transfer, students must present their transcripts with their application for the program and have the transfer credits identified and evaluated as part of the normal admissions process.

Program Requirements

MACS Korean Global Leadership

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