master of theology


The Master of Theology degree is designed for those who have already completed a graduate theological degree (normally a Master of Divinity) and want to deepen their knowledge and mastery of a specific area of biblical or theological studies.

The program is ideal for those whose sense of vocation includes teaching and scholarship, for those planning to go on to doctoral studies, and for those interested in acquiring advanced training and knowledge in a specialized area to enhance church-based ministries or to enrich a teaching role.

Great Preparation for future academic pursuits (PhD)

Access to TWU campus and library services – one of the greatest collections in Canada for a Masters program

Home to the Septuagint Institute – the only one of its kind in North America

Financial Aid and Grants Available

Graduates are prepared to make a difference leading in the following settings:

Research and Doctoral Studies
Religious Education
Church-based teaching ministries
Academic administration

Specializations are available in the following areas:

Church History
New Testament
Old Testament
Septuagint Studies (Greek Old Testament)

  The MTS program at ACTS encourages rich conversation and study about the work of God. It not only challenged me, but also helped me to construct critical and careful thinking skills. The MTS program has proven invaluable for my continued academic and professional pursuits. 

– Ashley John Moyse,
PhD Graduate from University of Newcastle, Australia


  • A Master of Divinity or other graduate theological degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 GPA scale). A minimum of 12 hours (excluding language courses) should correspond to the intended area of specialization.
  • Language requirements: A minimum of six credit hours of an ancient language such as Hebrew, Greek, or Latin, OR a modern language such as German, French, or Spanish is the basic prerequisite for admission. The New Testament specialization requires nine semester hours of Greek. The Old Testament specialization requires nine semester hours of Hebrew. The Septuagint Studies specialization requires 12 credit hours (six hours of Greek and six hours of Hebrew). A reading knowledge of a modern language other than English may be required based on the thesis topic.
  • Confess faith in Jesus, be members in or connected with a local church, and possess a desire for academic, ministerial and spiritual growth within the ACTS Seminaries community.
  • Students who meet the general admission requirements to the MTh but lack specific prerequisites may be granted provisional admission into the program, on the condition that outstanding prerequisites first be completed and that a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA be maintained. Any deficiencies must be addressed before the thesis process can be initiated.
  • To receive Master of Theology degree students will complete 30 semester hours of graduate courses as prescribed for the program, including the thesis, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0. A minimum of 24 hours must be completed at ACTS.
  • Completion of research requirements, which include presentation of a satisfactory thesis that is no more than 32,000 words in length, shows adequate research, balance and literary style, and conforms to the format prescribed by the faculty; and successful passing of an oral examination based upon the thesis.
  • Students will normally have five years from point of initial admission within which to complete the degree.