Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission as the Associated Canadian Theological Schools of Trinity Western University is to develop godly servant leaders who have a love and burden for people based on a strong commitment to Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and the ministry of the church, who will energetically strengthen, revitalize and actively multiply communities of effectively ministering believers in Canada and around the world.


  • Affirm, live under and promote the authority of the Bible as God’s Word, producing graduates who are competent to read, interpret, apply and communicate Scripture.
  • Develop leaders who understand and uphold the convictions and distinctions of their faith tradition, applying them effectively in whatever work God has called them to.
  • Equip graduates to address competently the Canadian cultural mosaic, reaching it with the gospel.
  • Train pastors, global workers, teachers, evangelists, counselors and other vocational and non-vocational Christian leaders to have a transforming vision for ministry in their communities and around the world.
  • Foster excellent thinking, writing and speaking skills that enable students to make a significant contribution to Christian scholarship.


The members of ACTS Seminaries are wholeheartedly committed to historic orthodox Christianity as expressed by the statements of faith of Trinity Western University and the denominations represented by our member seminaries. These shared values shape and maximize cooperation within the ACTS partnership.

The Word of God

We hold a common commitment to the Bible as authoritative over our teaching and life. Our educational programs emphasize applying the scriptures to our daily personal and interpersonal behavior as well as our ministry calling.


God calls us to holiness. This involves bringing our personal and corporate life into conformity with the mind of Christ, challenging us to love God and serve others. ACTS expects graduate students preparing for Christian ministry to consistently grow in their conformity to Christ as they prepare to lead others on this same path. Our Community Covenant expresses the commitment of our faculty, staff and students to pursue holiness as we live and learn together.


ACTS is a multi-denominational partnership committed to working collaboratively with one another. This makes ACTS a welcoming place to study for students from any denomination. We are committed to theological education for effective, relevant ministry in any context where God calls Christian women and men to serve.


ACTS students represent a variety of traditions and points of view within the broad context of the Evangelical Protestant faith. In fact, about half the student body come from denominations other than the four that support our seminaries directly. Living and learning in community with those who are different from ourselves but who love Jesus is an amazing experience.

Statement of Educational Effectiveness

Basis of Theological Agreement