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ACTS Staff Positions


Position Summary

The Mandarin Program at ACTS Seminaries of Trinity Western University is a rapidly growing academic program. The successful candidate for the position of Advancement and Recruiting Officer will have a direct impact on the enrolment of students in the program, and the fulfilment of the program’s vision within ACTS Seminaries. He/she will report to the Mandarin Program Manager, and will work closely with the Mandarin Program Director and Director of Enrolment. This position includes the following activities and outcomes:

  1. developing and implementing a strategic plan for generating prospective student leads,
  2. interacting with and supporting prospective students from first contact through to admission, helping provide a smooth and successful process,
  3. developing and implementing plans for fund-raising and advancement for the program,
  4. maintaining and expanding connections with the Chinese community, including churches, donors and institutions in China, Canada and globally.

Primary Responsibilities

1. Recruitment and Promotion

  • RECRUITMENT. Work with the Mandarin Program Director and the Director of Enrolment to develop a strategic recruiting plan. Identify key sources of potential students locally and internationally, and implement strategies to attract and recruit students. Plan and host recruitment and promotional events.
  • INTERACTION. Communicate effectively with prospective students and provide support throughout the application process until qualified applicants are successfully admitted. Provide accurate and timely information about application requirements, program options, and possible vocational outcomes. Work with applicants to ensure that all application materials are properly submitted. Work with the Enrolment Office through the application process to screen and recommend applicants for admission.
  • MARKETING. Work with the Marketing Office to promote the program through a variety of channels, including website, WeChat, Facebook, printed materials, etc. Ensure that information on the Mandarin website is accurate and updated regularly.
  • COORDINATION AND TEAM RELATIONS. Develop positive relationships with various departments of ACTS and TWU to facilitate a positive experience for prospective students.

2. Advancement and Community Relations

  • FUNDRAISING. Work with the Mandarin Program Manager and Program Director to develop a fund-raising strategy with established financial goals. Identify potential future financial supporters, including individual donors, churches and other ministry organizations, grant opportunities, etc. Plan and organize fund-raising events.
  • BUILDING CONNECTIONS. Work with the Mandarin Program Manager and Program Director to reach out, establish and maintain a good relationship with Chinese Christian communities locally and globally, with the goal of fostering recruitment, financial support and prayer partnerships.
  • PARTICIPATION. Encourage churches to promote the program among their congregations, recommend potential students, collaboratively host events. Facilitate opportunities for faculty to connect with pastors and internship opportunities for our students.
  • COMMUNICATION. Maintain effective communication with donors, prospective students, Christian communities, prayer supports and all interested parties.


Given: None

Received: ACTS Mandarin Program Manager

Job Standards/Requirements

Education: BA required. Master’s degree preferred (ideally in an area of theological studies).

Experience: At least 2 years of recruitment, marketing, fundraising or sales experience, preferably in a post-secondary institution. Experience in a graduate theological institution is preferred.

Equipment: PC and other normal office equipment

Skills: Fluent in Mandarin and English. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to connect with students, staff, faculty, and other off-campus contacts. Well-developed discernment and listening skills. Understanding of sales and marketing processes. Strong capacity for managing organized systems and disciplined contact follow up. Strong organizational, problem solving and sound decision making abilities.

Personal: Warm-hearted, committed, dedicated and mature evangelical Christian with a keen desire to serve God in work, church and community. Firm commitment to the Community Covenant followed by all individuals associated with ACTS Seminaries. Whole-hearted affirmation of the statement of faith from one of the ACTS Seminaries. Positive and progressive outlook in the midst of a busy and challenging atmosphere.

Resume and cover letter should be sent to acts@twu.ca. We welcome all applications, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Posted: December 2021

Start Date: Immediate


Position Summary

Help achieve overall seminary enrolment goals in support of the enrolment team by communicating with prospective students over the phone, via email and in person. Student Workers will provide information to prospective students about ACTS Seminaries and Trinity Western University, talk about their personal experience at ACTS and guide prospective students towards the next step in the admissions process.

Primary Responsibilities

This is a part-time position with the following primary responsibilities.

1.Prospective Student Contact

  • Initiate contact by phone or email with prospective students according to a contact list provided by supervisor. Create connections and provide information about ACTS programs, experiences, admissions processes and events.
  • Provide timely feedback to supervisor about their contacts, particularly prospective students who require follow up.

2.Data Entry

  • Record summary of calls and emails, and pass information on to supervisor.
  • Maintain confidentially about student information, and follow information security procedures.

3.Event Support

  • Assist in planning and implementation of recruiting and retention events.
  • Create connections with current and prospective students at events.

Supervision: ACTS Assistant Director of Admissions

Experience: At least one year of experience as a student at ACTS Seminaries (students with less will be considered on a case-by-case basis).

Skills: Excellent oral and written communication skills, responsible and reliable, able to take initiative in problem-solving, and be friendly and personable over the telephone. Applicants must possess a strong work ethic and be detail-oriented. The position requires an individual who has a high level of energy, enthusiasm, professionalism and a commitment to teamwork, as well as the ability to work independently.

Position Dates: Hired on a semester-by-semester basis, with time off for reading weeks, statutory holidays and other office closures. Up to 12 hours per week.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to acts@twu.ca. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

ACTS Faculty Positions

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